Prototyping Engineering Services

Take your idea and turn it into reality with MH Engineering.

We are always happy to get involved with prototype development of machined components. As well as undertaking the machining we can also advise on material selection, machining techniques and production streamlining.

Working with the Customer

In our experience, customers with prototype requirements are at the leading edge, whether it’s a project for a simple product or a part for a more complex automotive development. At MH Engineering, we aim to work closely with the customer to develop a deep understanding of their requirements and to understand the issues. For example, if you are developing a product for mass production then reduced production time which equates to fewer cuts is required, whereas if you are prototyping parts for future die cast moulding production then you’ll be more interested in future ease of tool design for the part. Whatever the customer’s objective, we have the experience and ability to assist at all levels.